The Culture of Public Fathers in the Small City: Where does the culture of involved fathering reside in the public spaces of the small city?


  • Joseph Dunn North Island College


Father Involvement research often focuses on issues relating to the impacts of paternal engagement on child development and the broader benefits of Father Involvement for fathers and their families.  This study arose from an initiative taken by a group of service providers from various children- and family-serving organizations in the Comox Valley which together constitute the Comox Valley Father Involvement Network.  Their task was to identify an activity and event in which fathers were able to actively and publicly parent in this small city.  Mapping spaces appropriate to the nurturing of Father Involvement was its first mission.

Author Biography

Joseph Dunn, North Island College

Joseph Dunn is an Early Childhood Community Development Coordinator in the Comox Valley, and member of the C.V. Father Involvement Network. This conference presentation is based on work completed by the C.V. Father Involvement Network. Joseph is also an instructor in the English Department of North Island  College.