Examining the Community Press in the Present and Future


  • Greg Sawisky Thompson Rivers University


What is the role of community newspapers in small, geographic communities? The role of the newspaper, while obvious to some, has not received much academic investigation. The role of the community newspaper goes beyond carrying the week's news to the local citizens. The community newspaper promotes and encourages local economies and is a major tool for municipal governments, school boards and health regions to communicate with their citizens. Community newspapers also play a role in promoting and maintaining quality of life in small communities. These rolls arise because the community press is often the only media source that provides exclusive local content. But the community press is undergoing changes and must be aware of how people access information in order to stay relevant and prosperous.

Author Biography

Greg Sawisky, Thompson Rivers University

Gregory Sawisky is a student in the Bachelor of Journalism program at

Thompson Rivers University. He is a research assistant with the Small-cities

CURA assessing undergraduate research in the social sciences and humanities.

His interests lie in community media and its relation to well-being. He is

attending the University of Calgary in September of 2010.