The allegory (mystory) of Myami produced a pattern, a repetition across the four discourses, that is the point of coherence holding the diverse narratives together in a holistic mood. This unifying item is a mattress, featured prominently in "Crossroads," used mattresses being one of the primary cargoes transported to Haiti by the traders (chiffoniers). This repeating object is the punctum trigger of the group epiphany, a dialectical image showing the transference between the consultant's childhood situation and the policy scene. The impoundment of the Haitian boats by the Coast Guard evokes Revelle's feeling about her own life situation. The mattress is a "sublime object," an "objectity" or "quasi-object," constructed in a field of desire, which is to say that it escapes entirely the empirical methods of conventional consulting. Electrate categories expose a dimension of reality causing the intractability of problems conceived strictly in utilitarian terms.
Published: 2012-02-03